April 11, 2008

grace itself

Grace is, quite simply, a gift. A gift of a life that I do not deserve, but have been blessed with anyway, just because I am a child of God. That God would simply and completely erase my wrong doings, my mistakes (oh, how plentiful), and my slip ups from His memory, because I am His child is almost beyond belief. But I do believe. I need to. I need His strength, His love, His light...His forgiveness. I need God's grace to sustain me. And it does. We have been promised life...not a great life, not a happy-every-minute life, not even an adventuresome life...just life. And the rest of it? The laughter, the relationships, the smiles, the fun, the JOY....well, that is simply...beyond grace.

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HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Love this blog.... I shall be a frequent visitor. :-)