December 14, 2008

some favorite bloggers....

bloggers i know in real life
Carie, my forever friend @ Living a Life... Unfettered
Suz, the one who makes me laugh @ Day by Day with Suz
Wendi, whose daughter cracks me up @ This I Know
Heather, my long-ago neighbor @ The Roman Empire
bloggers who are friends of the heart
Jenn @ Randolph Six
Kat @ Reflections
Jen @ Unglazed
Erin @ Together for Good
Jo @ Mylestones
Richella @ Imparting Grace
Kelli @ Joy
Dawn @ The Goodlife
Tiffany @ Songbird Tiff
Elizabeth @ Boy Crazy
Lori @ Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My!
bloggers who make my day
Emily @ Chatting at the Sky
Melissa @ A Familiar Path
Hillary @ The Other Mama
Michelle @ Interstitial Life
Rosie @ Twice as Nice
Julie @ Jam*n*Jilly
Kay @ Notes from the Wall
Cynthia @ Running With Letters
Sandy Toes @ Shell in My Pocket
MaryLou @ Smiling Eyes
Deb @ Talk at the Table

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